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Certified Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness & Health Coaching

Thank you to the Daily Hampshire Gazette for this fabulous article featuring my work!

UPDATE ON MY SERVICES: I'm VERY excited to share that I am now the Director of Impact & Community and Lead Certified Trainer with mommastrong.com! (you'll see my little face if you scroll down on the homepage there )

I recommend MommaStrong to ANYONE looking for safe, body-positive, restorative fitness support, an INCREDIBLE online community of folks who are pregnant, postpartum and long-time parents, and so much more. You'll see me in the programs leading workouts and educational content, and supporting our amazing members. The subscription is just $12/month!

AND I'm still doing remote consultation sessions to help find referrals and take next steps.

Get in touch to learn more about my work!

Safe, body-positive fitness and health coaching

to build strength and resiliency before, during, and after pregnancy.