About Jya

Jya Plavin is a Public Health Practitioner, Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach, and Personal Trainer offering safe, body-positive fitness coaching to build strength and resiliency before, during and after pregnancy.

After becoming a mother herself, Jya began noticing a common story — nearly every mother she talked to felt like her body was weak, fragile, and broken. Many experienced chronic back pain, pelvic plain, incontinence and diastasis recti during pregnancy and for months, years, even decades postpartum. Hearing these stories was a call to action.

Jya’s practice focuses on the specific areas of the body impacted by having and raising children:

Namely the deep core and pelvic floor, upper back and posterior chain, as well as the posture and breathing that allow these powerhouses of strength to function optimally. Her evidence-based training is designed by pelvic health physical therapists, women’s health practitioners, and expert strength coaches who work to prevent and treat pain and physical dysfunction related to pregnancy and birth. Jya aims to partner with her clients, designing guidance tailored to each person’s unique body, health goals, and phase of pregnancy or parenthood.


Master of Public Health (MPH) focused on health behavior change

Certified Pre-and Postnatal Coach (CPPC)

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT)

MommaStrong® Certified Instructor

CPR/AED Certified

10+ Years working in Public Health Practice

6+ Years living and working as a Mother!