I don't think I'm 'Prenatal' or 'Postpartum'...can I still work with you?

Absolutely. Because my approach is grounded in alignment, stabilizing the pelvis and achieving optimal tone in the pelvic floor, my practice is perfect for anyone who is thinking of having kids, and for those who had kids at any point, including years ago.

Do I need to do ongoing sessions?

Nope. We can do 1 session or a few, or work together over a period of time, and adapt the plan accordingly. I also offer in-depth consultations for those who are interested in modifications and a plan to work on independently. Check out options here!

Where do you practice?

I offer fitness training and health coaching services locally in and around the Amherst/Northampton Areas, as well as remote services. The setting of my practice is totally flexible. Our work can involve little to no equipment, so I am able to offer services in-home, outdoors, in fitness facilities, or other spaces. Get in touch to let me know about your needs and preferences!

What will our work together look like?

My practice focuses on establishing an essential foundation of strength, stability and functional movement in the specific areas most impacted by having and raising kids: namely the deep core and pelvic floor, upper back and posterior chain, as well as the posture and breathing that allow these powerhouses of strength to function optimally. Where we go from there depends on your goals and your stage of pregnancy or parenthood, but the foundation of breathing, posture and deep core stability will be integrated throughout. We may work on developing a progressive strength routine in a gym setting, we may work on finding ways to improve your sleep through exercise and habit changes, we may work on a safe, restorative routine you can do easily at home while wearing a newborn! I aim to partner with my clients, designing guidance tailored to each person’s unique body, health goals, and phase of pregnancy or parenthood.

How much do sessions cost?

I want to make my services as accessible as possible, and I adjust my rates depending on location, circumstances, and necessary travel. Please Inquire here about pricing to discuss your circumstances and needs.