Newly Postpartum Services

The days and weeks after giving birth are a time of major transition. In addition to getting to know your post-birth body, there are big shifts in hormones and emotions, and a need for new family routine. It’s difficult to alter the routine you were used to, and it can be tempting to try to maintain the pace and habits that you had before baby arrived. Of course this makes perfect sense— we want to feel like ourselves! But like all other areas of life as a parent, adjusting to an exercise routine will take time and compassion.

It’s important to give your body the time and resources it needs to feel strong and fully functional again. Jumping into regular exercise too quickly or ramping up the intensity too soon can cause injury and can contribute to serious issues like pelvic floor dysfunction and Diastatis Recti. While many are eager to get into shape post birth, placing big physical demands on your body while it’s depleted can actually set you back in your progress towards a strong, fit body.

My focus in this phase is recovery. Together we will work on:

  • Targeted work to reconnect your nervous system, core and pelvic floor.
  • Screening and possible referrals for pelvic floor dysfunction and Diastasis Recti.
  • Focus on gentle movement, listening to your body, and slowly increasing intensity as your energy allows.
  • Wellness strategies to help facilitate sleep and manage stress
  • Preparation for more intense activities or return to activities you previously enjoyed, with modifications as needed.
  • Ongoing support as you move into regular exercise or higher impact exercise.