Prenatal Services

Pregnancy is a time of rapid change, including a full spectrum of physical and emotional shifts that may take us by surprise— we may feel vast energy, immense fatigue, excitement and euphoria, and intense anxiety, all within the same day. As a mother myself I know that our needs and capacities shift a lot, and I look forward to meeting you right where you are, supporting your fitness and wellness goals in the way that suits you best as you navigate the ever-changing terrain of pregnancy.

I welcome clients at every stage of pregnancy, and I encourage you to show up exactly as you are.

  • New to exercise or coming back after a break, and Interested in starting a safe program that responds to your unique physical needs, strengths, and concerns.
  • Interested in a routine that will reduce discomfort and prepare your body for birth, through building both strength and flexibility in the pelvic floor and supporting musculature.
  • Already active or athletic, and in need of modifications to your routine or an alternate routine during pregnancy.
  • Looking to integrate sustainable, realistic self care and wellness habits that will reduce discomfort and stress, increase energy, and support better sleep.