Planning a Pregnancy

If you are trying to start a family or have another child, you want to set yourself up for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy and birth. Together we will define your health goals, concerns and preferences, and set you up for success. You may be wanting to:

  • Begin a safe exercise program that will enhance your energy, build strength, and reduce discomfort throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
  • Learn and integrate specific exercises and movements to build pelvic floor strength and flexibility, which can result in less discomfort during pregnancy and lower risk of complications during birth.
  • Prepare and train your body to safely carry the added weight of pregnancy, (and eventually hold, rock, and carry your baby!)
  • Modify a current routine or find an alternate routine during pregnancy or the postpartum period.
  • Develop and integrate sustainable, realistic self care and wellness habits that will assist with better sleep, lower stress, and better health during pregnancy and the postpartum period.