Core Values

Evidence-Based Approach

As a trained public health practitioner and lecturer, my first step in investigating any health topic is to assess and cut through the vast, noisy environment of ‘health information’ out there. My certifications in Pre- and Postnatal Coaching and menopause coaching  are both grounded in evidence-based coursework designed by over a dozen women’s health professionals including OB-GYNs, Pelvic Health Physical Therapists, coaches, trainers and researchers. All of my work is based on the highest quality, scientifically meaningful research and practice guidelines. This is true both in the resources I use to inform my practice, as well as any research or resources you need or request specifically. 

Body Positivity

I firmly believe that sustainable health is achieved through loving and caring for ourselves where we are, not through waiting for a body that we believe will make us worthy of love and care. Having babies, raising kids, and the menopause transition are times in life that bring physical changes. The reality is— we have less control over these changes than many would prefer, and this is an understandable source of anxiety. I’ve spent my career in a field that values research evidence, and one that tends to exacerbate weight stigma, despite the evidence. Thinness DOES NOT equal health, and bodies of all sizes can be fit and strong.  I am a supporter of the Health at Every Size movement and approach.

While weight and/or fat loss are common goals (and changes in body composition are often the natural result of other wellness efforts), I consider a fundamental aspect of my work to be directing efforts toward habits that help us live comfortably in our bodies and bring us joy, fewer physical discomforts, improved sleep, more energy, and peace of mind. 

Welcome to all families and child-bearing bodies!

I embrace and welcome the full spectrum of  gender identity, and I welcome and support all child-bearing bodies and LGBTQIA+ individuals and families who may benefit from working with me. I do sometimes talk about  mothers and women because it describes the identity of many of the clients I work with, but I am aware that this language is not fully inclusive. I welcome clients to tell me their preferred pronouns and explain any pieces of their identity that are relevant to our work or that they'd like to share. I also welcome and encourage corrections if I use language that does not suit you. 

Power in Numbers

A key part of being a competent and ethical practitioner is knowing when something is outside of your scope of practice. If there are areas of pain, medical symptoms or simply questions I am not able to answer, I have developed a wonderful network of clinicians, physical therapists, and other certified professionals to either consult with or refer out, ensuring that you have the most appropriate information and care available.