Services & Pricing

Free Consultation

I provide an initial free 20 minute consult. Depending on your location and preference, this may take place in person, over the phone, or over chat/text.

Remote Wellness Support

COVID 19 UPDATE: I am currently offering remote services only, re: social distancing guidance.

Pricing varies, please get in touch to discuss your needs!

Remote services can include personal training and wellness support over phone or video call, exercise programming guides, evidence-based resources based on your individual needs, or a mix of these things.

60 minute session

Sessions include foundational education and guidance to align posture, breathing and dynamic movement, as well as targeted work to integrate and strengthen the core, pelvic floor and supporting musculature. If you choose to work together over multiple sessions, we can focus on setting goals and progression towards those goals. We maintain focus on alignment and strengthening the deep core and pelvic floor, and work toward safely integrating these areas into progressive dynamic movement and full body strengthening.

90 Minute In-Depth Consultation and Program Development

For those who are interested in modifications and a plan to work on independently, In-depth consultations let us develop wellness recommendations uniquely for you, and an individualized program for you to follow on your own. We will assess where you are, and discuss your needs, concerns, interests and goals. From there we will work together to develop a realistic plan to support your fitness. While you are welcome to schedule additional sessions, these are intended as stand-alone meetings to help you move forward with confidence. In-depth consultations include a follow up check-in over email.

Gift Certificates/ Baby Shower Gifts

Give a gift of self-care! I offer flexible gift certificate packages, please get in touch to discuss.

Bring-a-friend sessions

Bring-a-friend sessions are a great way to try out this work for the first time, or work together over multiple sessions. It's best if both of you are at similar stages of your pregnancy or parenting journey, and doing this work as a pair can offer wonderful support throughout the process.


Fees will depend on your type of organization. I am always excited to educate, and I do offer some free and low-cost workshops depending on circumstances, please get in touch to discuss!

I offer workshops tailored to a range of audiences, including those at specific phases of their pregnancy or parenting journeys, as well as practitioners, doulas, and others involved in perinatal work. Topics can include: physical changes that occur when we have children and why these matter for ongoing fitness, common misconceptions about pre- and postnatal exercise, and simple guided exercise demonstrations which integrate posture, breathing, and safe dynamic movement. If time and space allow, I can lead longer and more comprehensive movement sessions.

Group sessions and classes

Pricing varies, please get in touch to discuss your needs!

I offer small group sessions with individualized attention for 3-4 people, and I am exploring options to offer larger group classes, please check back soon or get in touch!