About Peri/Menopause Coaching 

We deserve better

Like pregnancy and postpartum, the menopause transition is an area where research, provider competence, and cultural understanding are lacking in the U.S. We are inundated with marketing for products and services intended to slow the visible signs of aging, to "reverse" aging and appear younger than we are. It's no wonder we learn very little about the specific health and fitness needs that accompany aging— we live in a culture that refuses to acknowledge it at all, aside from the dollars to be made from our anxiety about appearance. 

This is not just a disparity in the visibility of older women, femmes, and all folks with uteruses (though it absolutely is that), it's also a dangerous omission of knowledge that can lead to serious health issues. The hormonal changes that accompany the menopause transition don't just impact the menstrual cycle— they have profound effects on the entire body including (but not limited to) muscle and bone health, heart health, the central nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, pelvic health, and mental health. Understandably, these changes bring unique needs and considerations for exercise and general well-being. What's more, the general fitness guidelines for younger people can be dangerous for those of us experiencing perimenopause or menopause, especially for folks beginning or returning to movement. So by not acknowledging the menopause transition as a real, totally normal and often wonderful part of life,  we may be putting ourselves in harm's way. 

We all deserve to become and remain powerful, healthy, strong, and totally badass as we age. I'm here to help.