About My Services

Safe, restorative fitness services for every stage of pregnancy and parenthood. Offered locally in Western MA and remote, in flexible settings that fit your life.

Whether you are planning a pregnancy or currently pregnant, newly postpartum or had children months, years, or decades ago, you deserve fitness guidance that recognizes and honors your body, and support to feel fit, energized, and physically empowered:

  • Prepare and strengthen your body for birth
  • Maintain a safe, enjoyable fitness routine throughout pregnancy
  • Gently restore pelvic floor and core strength to return to exercise postpartum
  • Build strength and stability in your core and pelvis
  • Reduce pelvic pain and discomfort
  • Address issues of incontinence and Diastasis Recti
  • Return to activities you love, with strength and confidence
  • Integrate sustainable, realistic self-care and wellness habits

I offer fitness training and health coaching services locally in and around the Amherst/Northampton Areas, as well as remote services. The setting of my practice is totally flexible. Our work can involve little to no equipment, so I am able to offer services in-home, outdoors, in fitness facilities, or other spaces. Get in touch to let me know about your needs and preferences!